Saturday, August 08, 2009

Un Friday update

(Well, if it is good enough for Pooh Bear to have unbirthdays, doesn’t that mean I can have Un Fridays??)
I wanted to show you what I have started:

I have become increasingly disturbed that I have not ever made a quilt for Steven….. somehow, it had never happened. If he has to endure more chemotherapy, I want him to have something made specially for him there when he has the treatments, as he is usually in hospital for at least one day each time.
He had admired “Summer Palace” done in aboriginal fabric at the Point Nepean Quilt Show earlier in the year, when he made his first day trip after his chemotherapy. This was what led me to organise Rob’s quilt (posted about recently.)
So, last Saturday, we went to Lilly Patches in Boronia – they have the most wonderful range of aboriginal fabric, and were really patient and helpful.
Steven discovered a really interesting pattern called “Murrumbidgee Dreaming” and selected all the fabrics himself – the lapis blue Jinny Beyer fabric is to be the river running through the blocks, as well as the main border. The deep ochre Jinny Beyer fabric will be the inner border and possibly the binding.
I have attempted four blocks so far – the original pattern needs 25 blocks, but we decided to make it larger. I have cut out about 50 blocks, and am planning to use 48, so there is room for flexibility.

I am not convinced they are as good as I can get them, even though they seem to match up well when laid out together……… I have ordered a special foot that it is claimed will make curved piecing a breeze. As soon as it arrives, I will try some more and let you know the result.

An update on Steven – he had his PET scan on Thursday, now we wait until next Thursday to get the verdict from the oncologist.
Have a lovely week, and try to make the most of every day!


cinzia said...

Long time since I have seen that pattern and I have always enjoyed it... the colours will look beautiful in it.
Sorry I can't tell you about the curve master foot as I am a hand piecer but I can say one thing that I always keep in mind. A quilt made with love will have no imperfections... even in the maker's eyes when you look at it through the receiver's eyes.

Banaghaisge said...

Abso-bloody-lutely stunning!!!!
Fabulous contrast in the colours, too.
You can twist and turn the curved blocks on the layout so it is one long river running though it all, too.
I worked for ages for Judy (Punch With Judy) and demonstrated the CurveMaster. Don't have one, but it is really easy and fun to use when I demonstrated it. And that wasn't with regular practice either - just whenever I was on a show with her!
Good one girlie!
Hugs to both of you,

Frou said...

This is going to be a lovely quilt, and I think the curves match up well as is. Can't comment on curve master foot as I'm another handpiecer... but it looks fine to me now. The blue looks gorgeous with all those earthy tones.

ozjane said...

It looks fabbo to me but I also agree that the ingredient of love is what really makes the quilt special.
Will be interesting to hear reports of he curve master as I have never used it either.

Penny said...

Well done Steven! Your fabric choices are wonderful. Keep the dreams dreaming and the rivers flowing. I haven't heard about the special foot unless it is a walking foot but between that and clipping your curves and your initial 3 pins, one at each end and one in the centre of the curve, then place more in between, you will have it mastered. Cheering for all of you from up here in Canada. Good luck on Thursday Steven and Alison.

Julie said...

Such a delightful mix of colours, Steven certainly has a great eye. The design is just perfect for his choices too!

Roseanne said...

Your quilt look very nice i think the colours are so yummy. Steven will love the quilt that you are making him .I hope all go well for him and for you to.
X Razzy

Bern said...

Hi Alison, I am so pleased to hear that Steven's PET scan showed no sign of cancer. I can really relate too, to your feeling as if the cancer has taken over your lives. My DH has had something like 28 operations over the first 10 years of our marriage (he ripped out his achilles tendons, had them surgically re-attached, ended up having his ankles fused permanently and had heaps of problems with those surgeries. Last year we came so very close (within a day or two) of losing one of his legs to osteomyelitis, so he still has to be careful. He still endures a lot of pain with his feet and ankles but he has a positive spirit which helps tremendously.

Re your quilt it looks stunning. One word of caution using the bright orange fabric ... I would do lots of rehearsing of shades of orange, as the bright orange can take over the quilt. I love love love orange but recently unpicked a whole quilt because I used bright orange sashing and my eye was constantly being drawn to the sashing, rather than the blocks that it was meant to be highlighting. I know that you have probably done lots of rehearsing but please do be careful. I like the actual orange fabric that you have chosen, just be careful with it. I like the quilt design as curved piecing is one of my favourite block/design and sewing aspects. I have been wondering what to do with the Aboriginal prints that I have been collecting; now I know what to do with them. I shall have to chase that pattern up!

Take care,
Bern on the Sunshine Coast, Q'ld