Saturday, October 09, 2010

Progress and a new club

I have a few of my favourite "Peace Quilt" blocks to show you.....

Tomorrow I plan to sew the first few rows together... as it is constructed on point, it will give me an idea as to what fabrics I need to complete more of. I'll post more progress next weekend.

I had to confess, also.... I was tempted by Sarah's new "It's Charming - Charm Square club".
There are four projects to look forward to, which are sent approximately every 6 weeks.....
 this arrived yesterday:
A mixture of embroidery and machine sewing... it looks wonderful!
If you get a chance, can you give your opinion on the pillow dillema I have with our new bed quilt please?
The link is here   Thanks!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Scarf pins

Steven was asked by a shop to design and create some scarf pins samples for people to use for closing or fixing their knitted scarves and jackets. These are the first ones he has come up with....

All are in different Australian native woods... one uses ironbark rescued from a very old bridge over the Murray River. They are approximately 15cm (6 inches) long and I've discovered also work well in the hair  keeping a bun in place.
They are much classier that the very plain sample he was given as a guide (not that I'm biased, of course!)
What do you think of them? Any feedback would be great.

The second Friday in a row...

that I'm flaunting... enjoy it while it lasts :-)
Below are the quilts I managed to complete as planned..... our new bed quilt........

I usually have a couple of pillows on the bed as well, but have taken them off as they detracted from the quilt. I've tossed up making a couple of 'matching' pillows, but am unsure which way to go...
1. Use just the border fabric? (Nara Gardens sage chopsticks) or
2. Do a couple  more blocks that could then be bordered with the sage green ?
3. Put a little trim of one of the fabrics on some plain cream pillowcases?
4. Leave it as it is?
5. Another bright idea I haven't considered?
Any feedback would be a terrific help.

Finally, a year later than planned, Steven can have his own quilt...... the end product is a little different to the original, but the design is suited to a range of variations (for example, I've seen it in Japanese fabrics, some quilts utilising a feature fabric, so the 'patways' are only on part of the quilt.)

We wanted the blue 'rivers' to merge in to the outer border, so I needleturned sections of blue over the deep rust inner border. it is a great quilt to undertake, and by using the Curve Master foot, the blocks go together quite quickly. The hadquilting was done with perle cotton... only the second one I've handquilted, but something I needed to do as I wanted the whole quilt to be my own effort. The best bit.... my lovely man likes it!