Saturday, September 26, 2009

Late Flaunt - is it still Friday somewhere?

The last fortnight has flown by since my last flaunt, but I actually DO have some completed projects to show you, as well as some "in progress" ones.....

Firstly, here is Julie's completed quilt:

I took this photo very late at night - her photos are MUCH lovelier, so go and have a look. I really enjoy doing the 3D centres - they are SO easy, but add another dimension.

My "In the Good 'Ol Summertime" quilt is now winging its way to Pennsylvania - here it is below:
I have also made progress on Steven's quilt, and I must say, the Curve Master has proven its worth.... the blocks needed a little trimming (due to my dodginess!), but went together beautifully - I'm pleased with the almost continuous appearance of the rivers:
The ochre border has been added.....

but I plan to use Cinzia's suggestion, and am in the process of needleturning the rivers over this border. I will be finishing with a border of the blue, so I'm hoping it will look like all the rivers run into the border, if that makes sense.
I have a mountain of work to do, but want to get the top together by Monday so I can get it machine basted - I'm going to hand quilt using perle cottons. I am hoping to take it away with me on my quilting weekend in two weeks :-)
I also need to get Rob's top together so I can get it quilted. He (unknowingly!) helped me select the backing for it, now I have to prepare and post some labels for the Pommie rellies to write on to go on the back of the quilt. His cousin, Rowena is also now living in England, so I have to make sure they all get a chance to write on them and post them back to me.
Another dream for the holidays is to complete the landscape quilt I designed at my Gloria Loughman weekend in February - I'll see how I go.
Now, off to look at the other flaunters - have a lovely week, won't you!

Friday, September 11, 2009

First flaunt for a while

Sorry - I've been in limbo for the last few weeks, not able to get my head around anything much..... the last year has been so intense and stress filled that I think it is all now hitting me. In one more week, my year 12's will have submitted their major assessment (worth 40% of their final score) and I will be on two weeks 'holiday'..... :-)
I haven't had a chance to do much in recent weeks, and the few chances I've had I've squandered, not able to motivate myself properly, preferring to seep like an ever increasing blob into the couch.

I HAVE made 6 ATC's for my group's Haiku swap, as shown below.....

I've also made some progress on Julie's quilt..... I had planned to machine quilt it, but decided it may look more presentable if I hand quilted it.... don't look too closely at the stitching!

Here is a hint of what the front looks like - the sun was streaming through when Liam and I were photographing it...

I hope to post it next week, fingers crossed!

My plan for the holidays (apart from cross marking SATs, preparing revision work for my year 12's and catching up on corrections) is to get both Steven's and Rob's quilt tops together. I also need to complete the Summer mini quilt which will travel to USA and the friendship bag, which will fly to Italy. I'll keep you posted.