Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our first competition!

Liam has decided to make a few special origami items for one person who leaves a comment on my blog. He wants to know:

What is the most memorable item you have made, and what made it so special?

We don't know how to 'do' the random numbers, so Liam will be the sole judge....

Good luck!

My amazing middle child

This is Liam......

Apart from being a gorgeous son, he has an amazing talent for origami. He became interested about ten years ago, and over the years has produced beautiful creations made from paper.

He completed the 1000 crane challenge about 4 years ago. He made 1000 peace cranes out of various types of origami paper 5cm square. We then strung these and alternated them with some beads.....

and hung them all from a small bamboo hoop.

I love gazing at it, as I know how much patience and perseverance it took.

Here are examples of some of his other pieces - he has given away hundreds of creations over the years, bringing pleasure to many different people.

The latest recipient was Sue, my fantastic SCQuilters' Angel