Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday flaunt

I have nothing to show personally - sewing and relaxation have ground to a halt, partly due to being back at school, but mainly due to trying to come to terms with Steven possibly needing more chemo - we will know more when he has another PET scan in early August.

I would, however, like to show you some fabulous things Steven has made for me recently.

My Year 12 students have to photograph their completed food items as part of their SAT. The better quality the photos, the better they can show their achievements. Usually, schools use foamcore sheets held together with velcro. Steven decided this was too shabby, so he designed and built this fabulous portable photo box. Above is what it looks like when packed up......

and here it is all ready to make their food look as beautiful as possible. He has an amazing brain and never ceases to amaze me!

If you look back at this post:

you'll notice the lovely sewing box Steven made me to add to my collection.

He decided he wanted to try a special way of labelling it, so has been playing around with sandblasting initials into a brass disc he cut.

When I arrived home from work one afternoon this week, he had succeeded in inserting it in the top if the box:

he had also created one for Lana's sewing box:

I am so lucky to have him in my life - keep your fingers crossed for him please.


cinzia said...

WOW with his wonderful caring ways and so much talent he definitely can't go leaving now. Hoping things go well for Steve and all of the family.

Julie said...

Finger firmly crossed! A wonderful talent he has, and I am so inspired to know that he continues to use his gifts even though facing the toughest times in his life. Beautiful work as always!

Lindi said...

Saying prayers for his complete recovery.
He certainly does beautiful and clever work. You are truly blessed to have him.

Auntie Jappa said...

Cunning and clever work, Steven!

Penny said...

Fingers crossed, few prayer and lots of thoughts. The shadow box is the big envy. Life's treasures.