Thursday, October 09, 2008

Last wood photos for a while....

These will be the last wood photos for a while - my lovely man is facing a major health battle over the next few months, so no woodwork until he has won the war.

Here are some bowls he designed and created a while ago. They are amazing pieces, due largely to the unique qualities of the burls they are made from. You can never be sure how each piece will turn out- that is part of their attraction, I think! The colouring is so rich and luscious, and I just want to stroke them, due to their smooth, silky finish.

He also made a special container for each of our children.

The one on the left was designed by Liam - trust him to design a spherical shape! It is made out of huon pine and flame she-oak - both quite amazing woods.

The middle one is also huon pine - it has the most striking scent when it is being turned, such a rich and uplifting aroma!

The third container uses figured Tasmanian myrtle - yes, we love our native woods, particularly the Tasmanian ones.

It looks as though we will have to cancel our trip to Strahan for our 25th anniversary - hopefully, we can re book it when he is fit and healthy again. It gives us something to look forward to!
Please keep him in your thoughts.... it just may make a difference!