Saturday, May 31, 2008

One day soon....

I'm going to finish my Jacobean quilt - I managed to finish the blocks and then became distracted for well over a year. Now I'm back on track, progressively completing the border. I'm hoping to have it quilted in August, so I'd better get a move on!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Magic woodwork

I have the most amazing husband - he is a very talented woordworker when he gets a chance - he makes these sewing boxes, which are a reproduction on a old design he was shown. He also creates stunning jewellery boxes and wood turned items. Occasionally, he sells them when he runs out of room.

Dyeing play

I managed to spend a couple of days dyeing recently - it is something I enjoy doing, but full time work has limited my chances severely! I decided to play with some bright colours and then tray dyed this cheerful piece - what do you think?

Music quilt

Two of my children were fortunate enough to be taught by a fantastic keyboard teacher named Dianna. To thank her for her outstanding teaching and calm, gentle manner, I made this music quilt for her. She seemed to really love it, which is the best reaction you could hope for!

Photography at Montsalvat

Last weekend I attended a portrait photography workshop at Montsalvat, east of Melbourne. I love taking photos, but don't have a huge amount of confidence with taking portraits. I also had never got around to using my camera on manual controls, due to always being in a hurry to grab the shot, probably!

Well, I learnt a hell of a lot, and now need to play a little to see what I can do on my own! The first portrait shot was taken during the workshop - the second one was me playing with a vaguely willing subject the following day!