Friday, August 21, 2009

A punctual Friday Flaunt?

Yes, I know..... it's not usual for me to actually be able to show anything on the actual day, but this week - I've managed it!

The curve master arrived, and really IS worth the money - I managed to sew over 30 blocks in a fraction of the time I had expected, due mainly to the fact that you did not need to pin the blocks for them to turn out well.
We laid out most of Steven's quilt blocks in a variety of ways, as shown below. I still need to sew about another 15, which I'm hoping ot do this weekend, as I need some sanity time.
Which one do you prefer??

Layout 1

Layout 2

Layout 3

The five of us have voted here - leave a comment and give me your opinion please!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday flaunt and great news!

I can't wait - the first thing I want to share with you is that the PET scan Steven had was negative, meaning there was no evidence of cancer in it - the relief is massive, but I suppose we have to get used to this roller coaster of events, as we can no longer naively think that all is well - that is the unfortunate legacy of cancer......We want to get on with our lives, and after a year of Steven suffering massive pain and still suffering damage from the tumour and chemotherapy drugs, we need to refocus and start enjoying life! The oncologist still needs to clarify what is causing the symptoms Steven has been experiencing, but the clear scan is a great start.

This last week, I made a few cards - not sewing, but very therapeutic and more achievable than some other things at the moment. Work pressures combined with worrying about Steven have made it impossible for my brain to function properly, and I find that the card making doesn't cause as much brain strain as some other things.

I also finally managed to complete a few ATC's - the theme was 'something old, something new'...
the 'something old' was the hand dyed fabric. The 'something new' were the lovely white flowers I bought up at 'Patchwork Teahouse' a few weeks ago.
I have received the circle foot, so hope to spend some time getting used to it over the weekend and then doing some more of the blocks for Steven's quilt. I'll let you know how I go.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Un Friday update

(Well, if it is good enough for Pooh Bear to have unbirthdays, doesn’t that mean I can have Un Fridays??)
I wanted to show you what I have started:

I have become increasingly disturbed that I have not ever made a quilt for Steven….. somehow, it had never happened. If he has to endure more chemotherapy, I want him to have something made specially for him there when he has the treatments, as he is usually in hospital for at least one day each time.
He had admired “Summer Palace” done in aboriginal fabric at the Point Nepean Quilt Show earlier in the year, when he made his first day trip after his chemotherapy. This was what led me to organise Rob’s quilt (posted about recently.)
So, last Saturday, we went to Lilly Patches in Boronia – they have the most wonderful range of aboriginal fabric, and were really patient and helpful.
Steven discovered a really interesting pattern called “Murrumbidgee Dreaming” and selected all the fabrics himself – the lapis blue Jinny Beyer fabric is to be the river running through the blocks, as well as the main border. The deep ochre Jinny Beyer fabric will be the inner border and possibly the binding.
I have attempted four blocks so far – the original pattern needs 25 blocks, but we decided to make it larger. I have cut out about 50 blocks, and am planning to use 48, so there is room for flexibility.

I am not convinced they are as good as I can get them, even though they seem to match up well when laid out together……… I have ordered a special foot that it is claimed will make curved piecing a breeze. As soon as it arrives, I will try some more and let you know the result.

An update on Steven – he had his PET scan on Thursday, now we wait until next Thursday to get the verdict from the oncologist.
Have a lovely week, and try to make the most of every day!