Sunday, March 01, 2009

Small steps forward

For the first time in eight months, Steven has made some wood items.........

My very special Stitcher's Angel, Karen (who I HAVE to do a full post on!) has been busy sending Steven photos of projects she has found on the internet that may tempt him to start wood working again.

One of the ideas was a wheel to made finger pressing of foundation pieced or hand sewn work easier and better.

He finally felt well enough to make a prototype, which we sent to her for an opinion.
I was the lucky recipient of the second one, pictured below. Of course, he had to make mine out of Lace She Oak to match the second sewing box and other items he has made me.

The beautiful Karri sewing box he gave me recently was one he made early in 2008, before he became ill. He had planned to sell it if anyone was interested, but was very reluctant to, as he loved the wood. He finally convinced me to have it, which brings to 3 the number I have been given...... I absolutely adore them, not just because he made them, but also because you can fit so much in them - I pack a different project in each, complete with scissors and accesories, and can just pick them up and set to work instantly. They are also beautiful to stroke, due to the silky finish he achieves.

The third item is also very special - when I came home from a fabulous workshop with Gloria Loughman last Saturday, I was given this Karri needle case - Steven had made it for me to match my new sewing box.

Thes little projects represent a milestone in our lives - although Steven is still trying to recover from the spinal fractures and nerve damage done by the tumour, and it is unclear if he will ever return to how he was, the fact that he has been able to attempt these small projects means he is feeling a little more like himself. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful man as my partner, and I will continue to enjoy every spare moment I can with him.


Jenny F said...

You are one lucky woman Al. Those boxes are just wonderful. You have a very talented man there in Steven.
Good health to you both
Jenny F

Banaghaisge said...

It is fabulous! Creating is a good thingto do, lots of endorphins in there too!
Hugs and love, Jasmine,

Lindi said...

They are all beautiful. I find wood to be as soothing and attractive as fabric, so hopefully Steven will be able to get back into working with it more often. It will surely sooth his soul.
The box and implements are lovely. I love the wheel. It would be very useful.

Di said...

Wow,your photos of these beautiful items made by Steven just make me want to reach out and stroke them (and I can almost smell the wonderful fresh wood aroma!). What a talented man he is - and how blessed are you to have him! Cheers, Di

Julie said...

Welcome back Steven! The wood work is full of life!
Here are my word suggestions:

Anonymous said...

These creations arewonderful. I bought a wheel like this at the craft show in Brisbane last year and use it all the time.
Sounds as though Steve's recovery continues.