Monday, January 18, 2010

First Frenzied flaunt for 2010

Here is the first official Frenzied Flaunt for 2010.... I don't have a massive amount to show as yet, as I have spent a large proportion of the holidays preparing projects to just pick up and 'do' during the year.

Firstly, I'll show you a couple of the Peace Quilt blocks I have completed. I plan to always have one or two blocks with me so I can complete the hand piecing anywhere, anytime.... maybe I should log the various places I end up sewing them??!!

Next, I can show you my progress with my "Friends for Christmas" quilt.... I prepared it all for blanket stitching last January, and it has languished ever since. That was until a very clever QDU'er named Rosemary posed a challenge to complete one Christmas decoration or block a month... I'm ahead of time so far, as I have completed TWO! (Don't worry... it probably won't continue!) Here they are:

I'm hanging off with the beaks at the moment because I haven't decided on the best colours to use (and also because I can't find the *&#@$* book to trace them off... SHHH!)
The bits hanging off such as the rest of the tree branches and the RH penquin in the other picture can't be completed until the blocks are sewn together, so hopefully by July you'll see the whole top together. The RH peguin will then be holding its little star, rather than looking a little empty handed!

The next project is a quilt 4 of us are making for a friend of my lovely mate Judy.... Maree is going to let us use her holiday house down by the sea for a sewing weekend in early winter, so we decided to make her a quilt to say thanks. It is a pattern called "Hanging Gardens" that I bought a couple of months ago.
On Saturday, in between lunching and sipping bubbly, we selected and cut out fabrics for the 13 blocks required for the throw size.

Cyn, Judy and I will sew them up and then get together to work out the rest of the top layout. Stay tuned for progress pictures.

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Julie said...

Love the look of this project, I will await progress reports with baited breath!