Monday, January 18, 2010

Chocolate fantasy

During 2009, as one of the professional goals I was required to set at work, I elected to learn more about coverture chocolate, as I had no experience in this field of specialty.
I was fortunate enough to stumble into one of Sylvia's workshops, and was hooked from there!

I have attended three workshops so far. Each one built on the knowledge and stills obtained in each earlier one, and I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. Sylvia explains all apsects clearly and is a very positive and patient teacher.

The rose decoration is made using chocolate 'putty' and is fully edible. It's good to see the cake decorating skills I learnt in 2008 can be used in other areas!

I have to confess that it was a requirement to complete sensory evaluations on each type of chocolate.... some needed several 'checks' to make sure they were of a reasonable quality to offer to my colleagues and family. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.
Which type of chocolate is your favourite?


cinzia said...

came to check you FF but definitely prefer this blog... also liked your Japanese birds but they barely rated a mention compared to the chocolate making experience. Have even Googled to try to find a class near here but alas no luck:(

Julie said...

My mouth has been watering, just looking at your photographs, I can't imagine how smelling them would make me feel!

Jenny said...

Yum, chocolates, every quilter's dream. They look fantastic!

Helen from Hobart said...

A job with chocolate ?
Wow !

Lissa Jane said...

I love chocolate but I am lactose intolerant! not fair I can only have dark chocolate which I HATE.. I LOVE white chocolate

ozjane said...

oooh yummy......I have been eying of Savior or some name like that in Melbourne
I love dark dark Belgium chocolates......the sort that Dairmaru (spelling)used to sell for approx $1.50each and that was years ago.

Paula... said...

Now that's one professional goal I could handle!! You're making me drool all over the keyboard!