Sunday, October 11, 2009

What a fantastic weekend!

I have had such a wonderful weekend....
here are some photos from the conference centre I escaped to - it is in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges

The centre was surrounded by gardens - several plants were in flower and looked stunning in the early morning light:

The staff were excellent, the food was magnificent and the company inspiring...
what more could a girl ask for?


1. I sewed the quilt top for Rob's 21st together - here is a photo of the top mostly completed - I finished it and piecing the backing fabric together very late on Saturday night, so forgot to get the official "top's finished" photo. Sorry!

Chris has taken it for quilting - she plans to use a gold thread, similar to the one used in the corners of the sashing (that aren't in this picture!) in an oriental design - I can't wait to see it!

2. I made another two gift sewing bags.. if you look closely, you'll see that I still need to do the tidying up and thread the draw strings. One day, I'll make one for myself!

3. I started quilting Steven's quilt - the photo doesn't show the quilting super clearly, but you'll get the idea. Steven made me up a template for the spirals which makes them very efficient to mark.

I took a few items I no longer wanted and sold many of them. That meant I had money to spend on this fabulous new book!

The weather was calm and sunny, and the whole weekend sped by much too quickly!
I will look forward to next year.


Linda said...

I sure understand the "high" you're feeling from going on that quilting retreat. They're so much fun. Thanks for sharing pictures of everything you accomplished. Love that quilting design, and that Steven made your template for you is great! Your own in-house quilting template-maker. How I'd love one of those!

Julie said...

Your weekend retreat sounds divine! Rob's quilt looks stunning. I'm looking forward to seeing Steven's quilt when completed, the quilting design is fabulous, he is certainly a very clever man!

Anonymous said...

I love your little sewing bags. The one with the peacock fabric is particularly gorgeous.