Monday, July 21, 2008

Little Macca's Farm Quilt (In Progress!)

Hello Bloggers!
I'm Alana, Al's daughter. (I'm 12!)

Last year I decided to make my very first quilt. Once I saw the quilt in a shop I decided to make it but with brighter colours.

About a week later, I saw the "Spring Fling" range. I immediatly fell in love with all the vibrant colours and patterns, so Mum and I bought them!

After that we traced the first pattern "Missy Moo". I decided to do her in pink and blue. It took me awhile to finish her because I always seemed to be busy! After about 6 months I FINALLY picked it up again and I finished it on Saturday!

Because I completed the first block, Mum decided to take me out with her friend yesterday to look for more fabrics.

After coming home at the end of the day with some great fabrics, we traced up the next two patterns- "Clara the Chook" and "Charlie the Cat". That night I stitched away and I am already about half way there!

So here are some photos of the progress so far, and there should be some more in a couple of months to keep you updated!

Thank You! From Alana.


Julie said...

Love the colours! They are so vibrant!

Vireya said...

Fantastic, Alana! Thanks for posting your blocks. They look wonderful.

Studio Christine said...

Hi Alana

I'm in the process of Little Macca's Farm too (well, at the moment it is a UFO) LOL

I'm using hand dyed fabrics.

Your quilt will look SO bright and fun when it's finished.

Great work!!

barb said...

Well done Alana, you are going to have a lovely bright quilt - I love the colours you have chosen.

Lindi said...

Well done, Alana! I love the colours you are using, and your work looks great. Don't take too long to get it finished. It's so rewarding when you do, you'll be addicted, just like the rest of us! *grin*

Lynda B said...

Hi Alana,

thank you for sharing your quilt with us. It is just amazing, your colours are just awesome!! Keep plodding along. I cant wait to see the blocks as you finish them. Lynda ( who also has a daughter Alanah, but she is 18.)

Princess of The Golden Thread said...

Congratulations on such great blocks Alana! Love your fabric choices - lots of fun yummy colours and patterns. Looking forward to seeing more blocks!


Nicole and Phil said...

gorgeous blocks Alana!
I can't wait to see the rest of them.
Once it is all together it will be fabulous, and your friends will be amazed that you have made this yourself!
Then you have to think about the next quilt you want to make...there are so many great patterns and fabric to choose from!~

Helen Stubbings said...

Alana, that is wonderful. My girls have just finished their first quilt. It took them 3 years and it didnt have any applique so you are doing very well. I shall check back on Mum's blog for updates. Keep stitching. hugs, Helen

Helen said...

Hi Alana

Well done,you! It is so exciting to see a quilt growing. Don't be too critical of your efforts. It looks fantastic to me!