Friday, April 09, 2010

Flaunting on a Friday!

I hope you are sitting down.... I am actually flaunting on a Friday! Both Steven and I have some things to show off....

Steven recently made me this lovely birds eye Huon Pine pen. It was a replacement for one he made me about 6 years ago that went missing at some stage. It is a beautifully designed pen, being a little wider than some of the other pen styles available and a joy to use.

We brought back some Huon pine from Tassie (as you do!) and he has now made us these salt and pepper grinders....
Neither of us like the usual design, so he designed these for us.
The photo doesn't do justice to them as it is difficult for you to see the wood grain.
He has inserted them with glass tubing so the salt and pepper don't take on the huon pine aroma.
He is trying to work out whether he should make any more - what do you think?
Your feedback on the design choice would be very helpful.

I was very late in completing the winter mini quilt swap coordinated by Michelle Foster at Quilting Gallery
Here is the completed quilt - a bit larger thatn set, but I thought she could use it as a table topper.

The friendship stars are actually made of a glittery fabric - the intention was to illustrate the icy night skies we both have, rather than snow, as well as friendships formed through swaps like this one. I used some of my handpainted fabric for the sky and the quilting is supposed to represent the wind - a common part of winter, I think!
Lisa, my recipient, has been very patient, so I have made a little extra gift for her.....

yes, I know, yet another bag.... but they are so lovely.
By the way, I STILL haven't made one for myself!
Maybe next holidays?!


cinzia said...

I love Steve's pen and although I think his salt and pepper grinders look good personally I prefer them to be shorter. That is only because we don't use much salt or pepper in this house and so it takes forever to finish a container worth. When I bought my own I thought the big looked the best but have since bought small purely for that reason.

Your table topper/runner turned out well didn't it.
thanks for the flaunt. I always enjoy checking them out each week.

Lindi said...

I love the design of Steven's grinders. Unique and very stylish. Maybe he could do more to sell. How much would they be for a pair, do you think?
I like the pen, too, and your quilt is lovely. Very wintery.

Jan said...

Al love the grinders especially the shape as for the pen--lucky you.
Kiwi Jan

Shirley said...

Found your blog by bloghopping, thrilled to read you're an Aussie blogger; I live in the Netherlands but my sister Patricia lives in Melton. Just love the pictures of the sprintime quilt you got from Julie, what an amazing gift! Oh and also like the quilttop you made with your sister too, the hanging gardens. I'll be back ;-)

Lisa said...

Hi ya... this is Lisa the recipient of the gorgeous runner and bag... did you get my email thanking you for this Alison? I really hope you did..... Thanks again... lets keep in touch.. hugs LIsa

ozjane said...

Love the woodwork........reminds me I have a pen like that somewhere.