Tuesday, July 07, 2009

May and June finished projects

Life has been a little hectic, so I neglected to post completed work for the last two months. To get myself up to date, I'll do a combined post, I've decided!My gorgeous friend, Karen, sent me a "Recipe for Friendship" charm square pack as a surprise. I decided to create a little bag for each of us, based on a bag my mate Judy had. They were relatively quick to make and turned out quite successfully, I think!

Over the last few months, I've made a few cards......

While I don't have time to make special gifts for friends' birthdays, I like to at least give them a hand made card. Some of these designs have been provided by very talented people like Diane and others from their blogs. I enjoy setting up my Cricut and Cuttlebug and seeing what is created.
I completed my offering for Spring Blooms........

And some ATCs:
I created the first one for my groups "What colour are you today" swap in May, just after Steven received his PET scan results - he is in remission, but there is a likelihood that the cancer may recur. This may help explain the mix of colours and emotions stamped on it.

June's swap title was "In the middle of......." Well, it HAD to be reports, didn't it!

The last ATC was a set of "Noughts and Crosses" I made for the June no theme swap. I received amazing cards back in return!

I have a nasty feeling that I have forgotten something.... never mind - if I think of it, I'll post later.

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Julie said...

Delightful work as always! You inspire me to much greater things! Thank you!