Friday, June 12, 2009

Spring Blooms Quilt in progress..

This is my offering for the quilt swap. It seems a little strange, depicting spring here when the weather is coming straight off the Antarctic, but I am certainly enjoying the process. I still need to complete the stamens, back, quilt and bind it, so I had better hurry!

I love this block - it was originally from Dianne Johnston's "Happiness Is" pattern.

I adapted the original quilt pattern, making it smaller and rearranging it into a large wall hanging. I used my hand dyed fabrics and Steven and I designed the hot air balloon block to accomodate the kids. (If you look closely at them in the basket, you'll realise that I made this quilt quite a few years ago!)

We also personalised it - the name on the bottle of wine is denoting a stunning spot in Tasmania, where we met in 1981.

Where did you meet the special person in your life?


Julie said...

WOW what a delightful quilt. I especiall like the personal touches. I was just getting married for the first time in 1981 hard to believe so many years have passed, it feels like only yesteday!

Sara said...

This quilt is a gem! You've really captured your lives with the blocks. And the colors are wonderful.

And it made me think back - in 1981 I was having my first baby girl.

Michelle said...

The swap is gorgeous and the quilt is fantastic. I met my dh in college. I was roommates with his best friend.