Saturday, January 31, 2009

January's completed projects

Aren't holidays wonderful? I have spent part of January organising and preparing several projects so I can just pick them up during the year and work on them. In this way, I am hoping to keep hold of my sanity and actually complete several of the ones from the list at the side.

So far this year, I have completed:

A bag for Alana

I was given a beautiful blue and yellow bag for my birthday by my angel, Sue Daly. Alana was very impressed with it, and Sue kindly sent me the link to the pattern. I used the fabrics Alana is using in her Little Macca's quilt, and were both very pleased with the end result. These bags hold an amazing amount of goodies!

Next I made three little gift bags, but gave two away before I could photograph them! Here is the one still to be given...... you'd never work out what her favourite colour is, would you?

The third item completed was the mystery quilt top I made last Friday. I am counting quilt tops as completed because I need to save up for them to be quilted, and can add the binding quite quickly once they are quilted. The construction of the actual top is what is challenging for me, due to the time constraints of working full time.

All four quilts made on the day were effective and were laid out in different ways. It was an enjoyable activity to undertake!

(Liam always comes in useful when I need to photograph quilts!)


Gina said...

Great finishes

love and hugs Gina xxx

Julia said...

Hi Al, thank you for your comment..
Love the shape of the first bag..
Also a beautiful quilt there,,
I too need to save for longarm quilting to get done.....wish I had one, but!

Erica said...

Congratulations on completing your projects they are all wonderful, I only completed one this month, but it sure does feel terrific to be organizing and completing UFO's. Congratulations!
Cheers Erica

Catherine said...

Great Sharing!! Good idea about a quilt top being a finish. Your right, I always feel as though I have finished a quilt at that stage too! Happy Stitiching, Cathy

barb said...

Hi Al,
I think I may be the recipient of one of your pretty little bags!! Thank you again and for the birthday fabric it contained. Would you like me to send you a photo?
Your quilt is really lovely as well. I've not finished anything for a long time, but am about to start making more ATC's and postcards. I must get back to my UFO's!! See you soon, hugs Barb

Lindi said...

Love the bag!

Julie said...

Love the bag! It is really lovely. You have certainly been busy. I got tired reading the projects you are working on, listed on your side are a braver woman than I am!!!