Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I love creating gifts for special people...... it is so exciting to plan the ideal present and see the recipient's reaction to it.
My most recent project is a pair of placemats for a very dear friend who turns 60 tomorrow
(I hope she doesn't check my blog!) Three of us are each contributing two placemats that we created from some of Bronwyn Haye's cute stitcheries. We have made them so they can be reversible if she wishes.......

Now, I have to admit to being human - I also LOVE receiving gifts, and have been spoilt by both my SCQuilter's Angel and my Stitcher's Angel. They are both such thoughful and caring ladies.

I had a lovely surprise when I arrived home from a frantic day at work - this lovely package had arrived from my Stitcher's Angel.......

I am going to love using my armchair caddy - thank you dear angel!


Julia said...

Hi Al,
Go on make the quilt...it is a really lovely pattern, so easy and quick to put together...looks great too!
I thought we were to send out all three angel gifts together, I must have read it wrong...your gift is beautiful...I wonder who my angel is..

studio10 said...

Your present is gorgeous....lucky you! I haven't heared a word from my Angel....hope she hasn't forgotten me.

Marit said...

Hello, I am blogging around to visit some of the blogs on the Stitching Angel bloglist and like your blog. These placemats are so nice!Your friend must be very happy to get them. And lucky you that has got so nice angel gifts already! I have just started to make mine. Marit from Norway